Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Over-pampering causes high suicide rates among children

We have too many uncles and aunts, that means our parents were blessed with so many siblings but when it comes to the preset nuclear family system there is only one child for the parents, whether it is a boy or a girl. Population explosion, economical and social status, financial condition force a family to go by the slogan ‘Hum ek humem ek’ and as a result there is only one child is being brought up by the parents. 

There is a saying, even if it is only single child he/she should be brought up with enough of care and exposure to the real world out there (onnullelum oolakk  kondadichi valarathanam). The new generation child is given extra layers of care and protection while he is being brought up. Unlike the old times when parents had too many children to love and care for, now the undivided love of the parents is being abundantly bestowed upon the one and only child. Thinking that he is the only begotten and he is the heir of the family, he is being provided with everything possible even the things that are not literally affordable for his parents.

The child who is over pampered are unequipped with his surroundings and realities of life and when he comes out of the shell of his parental love and faces the real life he would slowly begin to realize that the things he has to face are entirely different from what he had seen in his childhood days. He will not be able to handle the difficulties and struggles if anything is gone wrong. The child is being brought with utmost care and not letting him know any struggles and giving him everything he wants. Possibly, all his needs and demands are met. 

The child is being sent to school like Choice where he lives in complete luxury, he is given state-of-art facilities at the epicenter of comfort and luxury. Once he comes out to the real world he is unequipped and he has not developed any kind of risk managements both mental and physical and eventually would succumb to the pressure and helplessness to cope with, he would end his life. The child is being isolated from social realities and being brought up like broiler chicken would serve no purpose for his own life as well as to the society. 

Perhaps, the child would not have learnt the basic lessons for his survival from his schooling and the educational institution where he studied. The child would have learnt some theoretical knowledge and not the skills to survive in the modern world which is full of challenges and competition. Studying in international schools and living in all comforts, which life can offer, would not equip him to survive where he has to deal with people of different temperaments. 

The poor parenting is to be blamed for the increasing number of suicide rate among children, while a child is being brought up he should be cared and loved enough at the same time he should be exposed to the real world, the hardships and agonies of life, only then, when he stands in his own foot would be able to face everything in life. He would not be wholly blamed for his fallen-state instead his parents as well. 

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