Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life is rather a becoming

People have various theories about life based on what they wish to become or achieve in life, a few is tended to follow the theory of Karma, a few believe in destiny, for a few everything is accidental but the rest of the them think that it is all providential.

According to the theory of Karma, the fortunes of one’s life is all about the karma (duties) that one has performed in his/her life, depending on the merit of the karma one’s life is designed and if one fails to fulfill one’s duty he has to be reborn again to fulfill his pending karma.   

A few is forced to believe in destiny, whatever one does there is a destiny to each one is forced to arrive at irrespective of the rightness or wrongness of one’s action. These kind of people are basically idle and don’t want to do anything rather believe that one’s future is destined.

According to a few, everything is accidental. Everything is just an accident and life comes as it wishes it be so there is nothing pre-planned and no one can stop occurring those events in life and things just keep occurring are beyond their control.

The rest of the people think that it is providential, there is a supernatural power called God in His Supreme intelligence controls everything and He is accountable for all the happening in the world. According to the merit of one’s action, He rewards each one with.    

But I think that life is a synthesis of all these theories and life is rather a becoming and we may not always become what we dream to become in our life how much effort we have put in and how much ever we intercede to God for that matter. Life is rather a becoming based on our karma, what we are destined to become, accidental and providential all based on the homework (hard work) we do.

What we are today is a becoming based on the karma, homework, effort, hard work and divine blessing that we had endured in our life. We can’t completely dependent on the karma theory that karma alone would bring fortune, not destiny, because to an extent we could alter our destiny with our efforts, nor everything is providential that we sit idle and God would do everything for us.     

Life is rather a becoming, a becoming all based on our karma, what we are destined to become, accidental and providential based on the homework (hard work) we do.  We need to keep doing our homework with divine blessings thus the good result would eventually follow us. We keep becoming each moment of time.

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