Thursday, August 15, 2013

There always exists ceasefire between the so-called Political Arch Enemies

Irrespective of the political ideologies the parties belong to, both ruling and opposition parties are equally corrupt, therefore, there is always a leeway of ceasefire between the political arch enemies on any political deadlock or impasse of governance over any scam. The hostility between ruling and opposition parties on political matters that we get to read in the newspapers and watch in television channels is mere fiction.

Politics is no more a public service instead it is turned to be a profession now where politicians are in a race to amass maximum wealth by all possible corrupt practices. All the political parties are equally corrupt and when in power the ruling party gets an excellent chance to accumulate maximum wealth and they make use of the condition.  

When there is a political war happening between ruling and opposition parties over a scam, they agitate so vigorously as if they are the biggest enemies to each other. The hostility which they demonstrate on each other is utter mockery to fool the general public that they are keen on political matters and no compromise on any injustice made.

Often they pretend to be in hostile with the ruling party whereas deep in the heart they are the best friends in plundering the money from the state exchequer.  How much ever grave is the political issue or impasse there is always a cessation of hostilities between both ruling and opposition parties. There is a Lakshman Rekha that both the parties would not want to butt in another’s business too much and they maintain a healthy relationship with each other.  

The indefinite secretariat siege which was called by left parties on the ouster of Shri. Oommen Chandy on Solar Scam as well as for a judiciary probe with sitting High Court judge on August 12, 2013 expounds that there could be a truce between both ruling and opposition parties on any political impasse. The opposition party, LDF, disseminated the message that they would go ahead with the secretariat siege until Shri. Oommen Chandy resigns his office and an order for judiciary probe is announced but on the 2nd day of the siege, after 30 hours, no sooner did the ruling party nod for the judiciary probe, the left leaders rushed to the siege pavilion and called off the secretariat siege. It was so evident that the LDF wanted to call off the siege somehow and that too at the earliest.

Where are the political will and determination of LDF to go ahead with the secretariat siege until Shri. Oommen Chandy resigns his office gone? What was the meeting point of both ruling and opposition parties to call off the siege?  Ruling party which was so obstinate on its stand on no judiciary enquiry was succumbed to the political pressure of the left parties at the same time the LDF fluctuated from its stance on going ahead with the siege until Shri. Oommen Chandy resigns his office. Therefore, there always exists a ceasefire between ruling and opposition parties on any political impasse.    

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) submitted an affidavit in a CBI court claiming that it had sufficient evidence to link Pinarayi Vijayan, to the SNC Lavalin case relating to the renovation of three power plants, with a scam of Rs.374-crore. The Special Investigation team (SIT) probing the murder of Marxist rebel and Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP) leader TP Chandrasekharan has got clear evidence to link many leaders of Communist Party of India. Having both the cases on the table of the ruling party, it is not ideal time for Pinarayi Vijayan to annoy Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy too much.  

However, the LDF could showcase its strength fielding over one lakh cadres in front of the secretariat in a very peaceful mode. After first day of the siege, ruling party declaring two-day holidays for the secretariat was a big blow for the LDF and there they lost the grip on the siege though LDF claimed it was the triumph of the siege that the government was forced to give two-day off for secretariat. It also could show the organizing skills and leadership of Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Secretary of CPIM, could get the large number of cadres and organize the siege in a peaceful conduct.

Shri. Ommen Chandy also exhibited his political diplomacy, tactics, and shrewdness to get all allies to his side at the crucial time though they were unhappy with the CM not having consulted with them on the issues and the steps he had taken to handle opposition challenge in the beginning. The judiciary enquiry declared would only remain in papers as the High Court would not give any sitting judge for judiciary enquiry and the terms of reference of the judiciary enquiry are not literally dictated by the LDF.

The fallibilities of the government in defending secretariat siege were; Getting the CRPF personnel to curb the siege, Cutting down the KSRTC services to Trivandrum, Issuing a decree to the LDF leaders of Trivandrum locality not to accommodate their cadres in their residence and not to let them to use the toilet, Inspecting the cabs, vans, buses to ensure that they do not carry cadres to Trivandrum and if they do so their permit would be cancelled and Trying to dismantle the sheds set up to cook food and serve it to the cadres.

At the end of the secretariat siege both hero, Ommen Chandy and villain, Pinarayi Vijayan, emerged triumphant having exhibited their political diplomacy, tactics, and shrewdness. The LDF cadres and general public are once again fooled, abruptly both ruling and opposition parties arriving at a cessation of hostilities.    

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