Monday, September 23, 2013

How far Kerala emerged after Emerging Kerala Investor meet - 2012?

It has been one year since the much hyped Emerging Kerala – Investor meet organized in Kochi on September 12 - 14, 2012 to woo investors and thus, to bring more business to the economical capital of the state, Kochi. But the question remains, how far Kerala emerged after the much hyped Emerging Kerala?

Emerging Kerala was just a renamed 2nd edition of Global Investor Meet (GIM) and it is the same old concept given a new tag. As GIM was an utter flop, Emerging Kerala too was a flop failing to woo investors and thus, to bring business to Kerala. Under the banner of Emerging Kerala, a well organized corporate real estate business was planned.   

After one year of Emerging Kerala meet not even a single project got started off and not even the ground works are on. The only one project that was hypothetically kicked off was the Seaplane project the plane took off but the protestors did not let it land on the water.

The Emerging Kerala concept was introduced clubbing all the possible business and other related projects would have started in Kochi even otherwise. Those projects would have started even otherwise but the industrial ministry brought all those just under the label of Emerging Kerala.

After the Emerging Kerala – 2012, the industrial minister had announced that he would publish the list of companies willing to invest money for the business here in Kerala by December – 2012 but even after one year not even the list is published by industrial ministry. Emerging Kerala once again proved that Kerala is not an investor friendly state.    

In fact after the Emerging Kerala Investor meet held in September 12 - 14, 2012, indeed it was the procession of controversies and it was the decay of governance. There have been controversies one after another; Muslim league’s fight for 5th ministerial post, Balakrishna Pillai - Ganesh Kumar clash, Ganesh Kumar– Chief Whip dispute, Ganesh Kumar – Yamini Thankachi fight, Ganesh resigning ministerial post, Ramesh’s Kerala Yatra and His Deputy CM post, then biggest of all, Solar controversy. The two ‘Apsaras’; Saritha S. Nair and Shalu Menon came to destroy the Tapasya (governance) of Oommen Chandy led UDF government, their very entry was like rubbing salt into the wound for  the government which already had been in the web of the controversies which was followed by opposition’s agitation. The solar issue has been literally blazing for last 2 months.

This is how Kerala has been emerging? Satirically, Kerala has been emerging with controversies after controversies. In the name of Solar scam, Kerala emerged even to Parliament and it traveled far and wide of India. Saritha S. Nair, Shalu Menon, Biju Radhakrishnan, Tenny Joppan, Jikku Jacob, Salim Raj, and Sreedaran Nair were emerging indeed not Kerala though.

To host the Emerging Kerala investor meet government spent over 30 cores of rupees from state exchequer and government could not even woo 1 cores rupee investment to the state. If that 30 cores were wisely invested in the state at least a few business could be started off. 

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  1. Muslim league is the only religious/non-secular party in kerala which has a strong presence in Kerala politics regardless of which party is ruling here. I’ve heard so many congress politicians in kerala talking about secularism , stating BJP is a religious/ non-secular party and isolating such non-secular parties. Having a tie up with Muslim league in Kerala how can Congress party in Kerala talk about secularism. From the name of the party itself ( Muslim League) it is obvious that it is not meant for the people of other religions . Most of the Hindus and even Christians including politicians had come against Muslim league many times openly , but their leaders are tongue- tied as they has no other choice other than depending Muslim League, if they want to rule here . So please create a wave within the people against against Congress –Muslim League tie-up in Kerala and their meaningless statement about secularism . People in kerala are very much aware of what Muslim League is doing in Kerala , but both LDF and UDF don’t want to displease Muslim League in kerala as they only want to rule kerala at whatever cost.

    One day whole hindus including politicians in kerala would repent for what they do now…

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  3. I think now the Government is doing nothing for emerging Kerala. Some of the assurance just left in paper and it doesn't make any changes in the business growth. architects in Kerala