Monday, September 2, 2013

If superstition is an act of reinforcement, what about faith in God?

Rationalists and theists always argue that superstition is simply an act of reinforcement. For an example when a person sets out his journey, a cat happens to jump in front of him and crosses his way as the result; his journey was turned out to be utter mess. Later, he would find out its reasons as the jumping of the cat and crossing his way. Thus, the cat jumping in front of him and crossing his way is reinforced and it has been considered bad omen.

There is nothing has to be done with the act of cat, jumping in front of the person and crossing his way, messing up one’s day and it is purely coincidence. The episode of cat can’t be isolated from the series of our life events and think about how the day would have been otherwise. Even if he escaped the cat incidence in the particular day and examine, the day would have ended in the similar manner. Thus, superstition is an act of reinforcement.

Faith in God, The Almighty, also could put in the same frame of thought. A person went for an interview interceding the divine blessing, he could do well and get his dream job. His act of praying to God is reinforced and he got the job because he beseeched divine blessing. His act of imploring God can’t be isolated from his life activities and thus, think how his interview would have been otherwise.   

Both superstition and faith in God are act of reinforcement? Generally, superstition is labeled as act of reinforcement faith not though. How do we define faith? The common definition of faith is, it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is a leap into darkness.

Is faith in God is also an act of reinforcement like that of superstition? Or it is an innate quality of humans to have faith in His Creator, God? As there are two forces; positive and negative; Good and Evil, I think people are inclined to either or based on their convince, comfort level, short term – long terms goals, social and religious orientation. Faith has to be affirmed and reaffirmed through act of reinforcement whether it is in God or matter (material things as in the case of superstition).

Faith is the ray of hope in the troublesome life and that leads the way in utter despair and hopelessness. The completely lost man leans his shoulders either on God or superstitious practices and beliefs and in both the cases, in a period of time the faith is being reinforced.      

I am not an atheist, it is the question faced by Spiritual I challenged by Rational I within me.

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