Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Corruption in India and the Rise of Aam Aadmi Party

It seems that corruption is a way of life for Indians and the citizens of the land don't mind giving bribe to put their things in a fast track mode which otherwise would get trapped in Red-Tapes. I think that corruption is the lubricant that keeps the political missionary functioning back here in India. Invariably, all the politicians are corrupt irrespective of the political parties they all belong to. As the whole system itself is corrupt, it has become totally impossible for any party or any politician to remain uncorrupt. Being in politics rather being a politician is no more a service, it is turned to be a profession where they can loot money from state exchequer and become rich in the blink of an eye.
Having stated that, let me comment about the rise of the Aam Aadmi Party which won 28 seats in the recently conducted Delhi Assembly election. Having fed up by the series of corruption such as; 2G Spectrum and the presumptive loss of 1.75 lakh cores, Adarsh flat fraud, coal allocation fraud, Common Wealth Games fraud, the citizen have been desperately looking for a change in the governance.

The rise of Aam Aadmi is a wind of change in the history of Indian politics and in fact against the political dynasty. As party's electoral symbol is a broom, perhaps the people in the capital thought that it is the broom that can cleanse all the dirt that is there in political system. The victory of the party is fabulous, considering the fact that it is just one year old. Without having any solid political track record the party could win 28 seats and it is something tremendous.

The movement against corruption was launched by Anna Hazare and his movement got widespread support and as an offshoot of this great campaign against corruption Aam Aadmi Party came to existence. Though Anna Hazare did not want to get into politics some of his strong supporters led by Arvind Kejriwal wanted to form a party and that is how both of them drifted from their basic ideologies. Anna Hazare wanted to remain as a pressure group to get the Jan Lokpal bill against corruption passed by parliament. But the aggressive supporters of Anna Hazare movement wanted to get into politics and set a new wave and trend in Indian politics being a wind against corruption.

Though it is going to be President Rule at the capital, as far as the corruption is concerned, Aam Aadmi Party stands as a beckon of hope and catalyst of change struck Indian politics.

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