Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The clamour that FDI makes here in India

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector could be the end result of the trend called Globalization and I don't think anyone can swim against this current nor resist it. Globalization has made globe a small village and opened up a wide open market where any big players could easily sell and buy the products in the market. It has opened up a new door for investment and trade.
I think Indians are increasingly fond of foreign goods and services and place them in higher pedestal than any desi goods and services. I feel that we are still under the hangover of the colonial rule where we have greater longing for foreign goods and services. By and large, FDI might affect the domestic market but the kind of avenues in terms of quality and longevity would be far excellent than that of the desi products.

Human psyche always chases the new stimulus that is being presented than what is cliché and domestically produced. There is a proverb in vernacular language which goes 'The Jasmine that is there in the courtyard does not smell nice.' We don't value what is desi and that is how the consumer psychology fabric has been shaped over the period of time.

The western culture that is being widely spread in India has fuelled everything and gave a momentum for FDI in India as well. Change is the changeless reality, now the change is bound to happen and I don't think India can ever resist this change than slowly embracing Indian markets. The more it is being resisted the more likely it will bounce back.

Opposing FDS would be more like the left ideologists resisted computer vehemently when it had been introduced in India accusing that it would create massive unemployment but now they themselves are carrying laptops and using personal computers. The political parties which are vigorously opposing FDI are only on political stand and political ideologies that the parties upholding otherwise I don't think they oppose it on their personal ground.    

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