Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Phobia: an end result of parenting and socialization??

I am forced to think that most of the phobias that we have is the end result of parenting and socialization. Most of the parents to make the little kids obedient and disciplined, who is otherwise very much naughty and mischievous, would tell them that don’t do this and that, if you disobey their parents the ghost or evil spirit would come and trouble them. What is taught in childhood would have a long lasting impression and ill effect in one’s life, the inculcated phobia is going to be there in the mind of the kids for the ages to come.  

Thus, the seed of phobia that is cultivated in the fearless mind of the kids would badly affect in the mental and physical growth and wellbeing of the child. Probably the intention of the parents is just in itself but the means and ways they adapt to keep the little kids obedient and disciplined would be totally unscientific and informal as far the psychological disposition of the child is concerned. Employing unscientific and not psychologically approved methods by parents in growing up the child and to keep him/her obedient and disciplined would leave long lasting ill effect in their psychological and mental fabric of the child as well make him/her phobic.  

I think everyone is one way or the other is phobic and most of the phobia is cultivated and conditioned by society to keep the people supposedly morally and ethically upright. The greatest poison which would remain as a stumbling block in our journey towards perfection is phobia. Fear for something would create aversion, depression and a complete detachment for the particular thing. As it is said true learning would happen in a mind which is completely devoid of fear and anxiety. There are various kinds of phobia listed by the psychologists, and in one way or the other those are cultivated, strengthened and conditioned by society, what was initiated by parents at the early stages of the upbringing of the child.  

In the wake of the number of psychological disorders and phobia observed in the adult and the young, psychologists were forced to find the root cause of all these and they found that is all because of bad parenting and socialization. Good parenting is an art and that all couples may not possess that art. Parenting has to be scientific and formal in order not to cultivate any kinds of phobia in the young minds which will have a lasting ill effect in the mental and psychological composition of the child. This is the very reason parenting is becoming increasingly challenging when kids are progressively more vulnerable to phobia and psychological disorders. Thus, couples are given formal training to parent a child and to inculcate right values and to create a free mind devoid of all kinds of phobia and anxiety.          

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  1. True, a parent that would worry about their kid falling down from a particular balcony grill might stop them from playing around in places that are at a certain height. This might lead to the kid getting acrophobia at a very young age. Over protective parents who care too much are sometimes the reason. As and when the child grows up, he might be going places with his other friends who have to be daredevils themselves to make him a man. If parenting fails, friends will make us what we are :)