Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Excess use of technological advancements keeps humans intellectually underdeveloped

All of us, who are the end users of technology, think that technological advancements and scientific inventions have made us proactive and brought society from primitive period to a developed era. We think that all technological advancements came handy in one way or the other, putting things in a fast track mode and making life of human beings trouble-free and at ease. But did not all the much talked-about technological developments pull us back in making use of our potentials and getting self actualized??  

Of course, the scientists, creators, architects worked behind the invention and technological advancements got self-actualized but not we, the end-users who are heavily dependent on those inventions and scientific advancements for our daily activities. Definitely, in a larger perspective, technological inventions and advancement have provided infrastructure and amenities and thus life is made easy. 

According to Gabriel Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs, humans’ journey is for self-actualization, which is from physiological to safety to love/belonging to Esteem to self-actualization. According to Yoga, the Kundalini has to be stimulated to get self-actualized because there is an element of quest for excellence in everyone and we are the particles of the ever pervading and encompassing reality called God.  

Everyone is blessed with innate abilities to find meaning for his own existence and to survive in this world. As we always lean on the shoulders of technological advancements and developments, we become too idle to recognize our own strengths and thus to make use of them. 

In an era when we had only telephone to communicate, we used to remember at least 20 telephone contact numbers of our dear and near ones but with the advent of mobile phone, how many of us can really recollect any of the contact numbers saved in our mobile contact list than our own. In case our mobile is lost, perhaps we will be left with no contact number registered in our brain to contact anyone. Thus, use of mobile phone has idled the part of the brain that is meant for arithmetic functions like storing and recalling the contact numbers.

Our forefathers were good at mental calculation but our generation even can’t do any simple numerical calculation without the aid of a calculator, thus the technology left the part of the brain which is meant for mathematical calculation has been kept inactive and underdeveloped.

How many are keen in learning the spelling of the English vocabularies after the advent of Microsoft Word and automated spell-correction technologies. It is the same case with learning new vocabularies and their spelling. As Microsoft Word has taken up our task, we are really made so lazy in learning the spelling of English vocabularies as Microsoft does spell-check correct the spelling whenever  the spelling of a word is being typed wrong. 

Therefore, the technological advancements and developments, which should lead our way to self-actualization, has taken a back seat and literally made us idle and landed us in a comfortable state of affairs. The inquisitive mind in us should be always awakened with a never-compromising attitude for our pursuit for knowledge and excellence. 

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