Saturday, June 14, 2014

How much more precious is our human body than the vehicles we own

We are perfect and absolutely make no compromise, when it comes to getting the service done for our vehicles as per the kilometers it ran or the time duration set for each service. However, we terribly fail to undergo a periodical medical check-up for our own body, which is far more complicated and delicate than the vehicles we use. The human body travels more than any vehicle that we use. We have a well-maintained service book for our vehicles but not periodically marinated health report. 

How much more complicated and sophisticated is the human body and synchronized functions of various human organs together, making a perfect bodily condition, compared to a vehicle which is the end product of human inventions. The spare parts of our vehicle are available in abundance and any complaints with regard to our vehicle could be easily repaired. However, it is not the case with the sophisticated vehicle, that is our body, which human soul is always taking a ride on.

Like the vehicle we own, it needs a frequent service, our human body also needs to have a frequent service (medical monitoring) which has to run for 70 to 80 years rather than the vehicle we own, would last a maximum of 20 years. As we need to change the engine oil of the vehicle, when the vehicle has run for a sufficient amount of kilometers and look into all kinds of wear and tear. How much more we need to care for our body vehicle, which is passing through both physical and mental struggles, on which we enjoy our life's journey and which takes us ahead through the road of success. 

The body is composted of delicate brain, which controls and coordinates all the functions of various organs viz., heart, which pumps blood to the entire body, liver, kidney purifying our blood, digestion system, central and periphery nervous system etc. and a synchronized function of all these together is really delicate. 

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. However, when it comes to servicing our body (undergo mandatory medical check-ups) we show utter negligence, as a result many a times we have to pay a great price for our carelessness. 

When it comes to medical check-ups, there is a bizarre attitude that is being maintained by Malayalis. Apparently, when there is no disease diagnosed after the medical check-ups, the first sarcastic comment uttered by a typical Malayali would be "Oh, it was totally a waste of money getting the medical check-up," instead of being happy on the fact that he has reassured that he is perfectly okay, in terms of his physical health and mental well-being and thank God for that.   

Let us service our human body first (undergo periodical medical check-up) to ward off all kinds of possible wear and tear (disease), only if we keep ourselves physically fit, free of diseases, we will be able to take our vehicle for its periodical service.

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