Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are not the popular Malayalam TV shows of kids; Kuttipattalam and Pikkiri Pokkiri, spreading a culture of having boyfriend or girlfriend among kids?

It is the plain paradigm that corroborates the verity that channels will go any extent in their pursuit to get top rates when TV channels are just burgeoning back here in Kerala. Channels are well focused and planned in coming up with diverse TV shows catering to the various segments of audience. They are just trying to apply the ‘Use and Gratification Theory’ of media that a particular individual selects a specific media rather TV show that gratifies his/her psychological and physiological needs. 

Kuttipattalam and Pikkiri Pokkiri aired respectively by Surya TV and Asianet are, of course, the novel programme widely viewed by kids and their parents as well as standing top in the programme ratings. The channels engage the active participation of kids, their parents and close relatives, kids being on the dais and parents being seated as audience. The long cherished dream of common parents and kids to appear in TV rather in a television programme and to enjoy a ‘short-lived celebrity image’ is well contented here, therefore, the shows will go on, as there is no dearth for the participants.  

To an extent, the shows are divulging the typical sadist mentality of Malayalis of making fun of others publicly through sarcastic and ridiculing jokes. The shows are more like washing off one’s dirt (family issues) in a public toilet rather the issues between the parents and in the nuclear family are being reenacted by their kids when they are being forced with fiddly and cunning questions by the anchors. The innocent minds can’t help but say the truth when they are brain-mapped ( hallucinated).         

The manners of quires the anchors; Subi and Manju Pillai, of the shows are bombarding at the kids are really unbecoming when we analyze them in the cultural fabric of Kerala, which is known for its cultural identity. The anchors are asking the little kids that whether the kids do have a boyfriend, to a girl or a girlfriend, to a boy, it is definitely inculcating a culture of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the young minds, though not deliberately. They even go the extent of asking the kids that whether his/her father has any extra marital relationships, thank God that they do not ask the mother of the kid the same.  

What about the great populace of kids who are watching the shows and the message that they take home, course, it is a subliminal call for them to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at this very young age. What about the kids who wish to be the part of the show, they would be fanatically listening to the genre of questions being asked, thus, prepare themselves with a few ready answers. Some clever chaps will go in the extent of telling it in the show that they have boyfriend or girlfriend to be in the lime light of the show, because they are greatly applauded and cheered by both the anchors and audience in the studio when they say so.

Of course, it is media that shapes and forms various cultures and trends in the society and the role played by the media leave great marks in the young minds. Media is said to be the vehicle of various cultures and trends, carrying the trend from one space and time to another. The mind of a little kid is said to be Tabula Rasa, a clean slate, where nothing is written, neither anything good nor bad. Media, with these kinds of programme, is sending across unbecoming cultures and trends in the society and keeps the young minds perverted.   

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  1. Most classic TV shows are nostalgic entertainment and fun to relive. For those that watched these shows when they originally aired, the DVDs allow them to relive that time in their life.