Friday, August 15, 2014

Court verdict on Mullaperiyar dam should not all about be objectivity but subjectivity too

In court, what is always looked for is the objectivity manifested with the evidence and circumstances of a particular case. There is seldom any space for subjectivity or humanitarian concerns instead; it is all about evidence and findings based out of the studies undertaken by an expert group or an empowered committee on any controversial issues or of pertaining to a large segment of the society. In the Mullaperiyar dam case, the court should have gone beyond the fabricated veracity of facts presented by plaintiff, Tamil Nadu, and looked into the subjective reality too.  

Keeping my respect for the judicial system and the courts of the land, what I have got to state is that, the court dealing with such a delicate issue like Mullaperiyar dam, which is affecting a large segment of the society. The court should not have merely depended on the data and findings presented by the people of vested interest or the fabricated realism  instead, predominant consideration should be given for the life, safely, right to live, right to earn and protect one’s own property and belongings.

The fallibility of all these findings, evidences and studies always should be taken into consideration; what if things take a reverse turn? It will be a great catastrophe. If the dam, water bomb, explodes the whole area would be vanished and there won’t be left any trace of human civilization in the area through which the high-velocity water flows through. No one is infallible except God. Therefore, time and space would eventually prove that whether the human (court) verdict was infallible. To come up with a 100% of unbiased verdict on Mullaperiyar dam is virtually impossible for any court and all such controversial verdict is based on mere facts and studies undertaken, which could be proved wrong at nature’s fury like earthquake, heavy rain, and thunder or lightening. 

Human made dams are unscientific and it is totally against the equilibrium of the nature. The vast volume of water blocked unnaturally on a top of the mountain would definitely create such a massive pressure for the earth to handle, making the dam truly a water bomb. The moment the dam is broken the whole area will be swept away by the water, not leaving anything and the havoc caused would be beyond cognition and for the words to explain.   

It is high time to decommission the present dam Mullaperiyar dam, which is already over 119-year old. It is not the headache of Kerala State to store the water to serve the agricultural and irrigation purposes of the neighboring state, Tamil Nadu. Why should Kerala (a few districts of the state like; Idukki, Kottayam and Ernakulam) be under constant threat and fear.

If the dam stands tall as the verdict of the court, it is well and good, but who can give 100% guarantee to the life and properties of the people of Kerala. We should learn lessons from what happened in other parts of the world. In China, a dam got exploded in 1975 and an estimated 171,000 people were killed and 11 million people lost their homes.  Once the Mullaperiyar dam explodes, it would be mammoth news for the entire world, news for the media to celebrate with, a great massacre that is created, a massacre that could possibly be avoided.  I, living on the border of Idukki district, will also be a history being swept away by the current and furry of Mullaperiyar Dam explosion. 

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