Monday, September 15, 2014

Probably, making others happy would be the supreme virtue we can practice

Whatever we do, whatever profession we are into, wherever we live, ultimately what we are craving for is happiness. Perhaps, making people in and around us happy would be the best virtue we can ever practice in our daily life. In the competitive world, in order to be happy we are constantly in a race to make money, luxury and comforts however, the irony is that we end up living an unhappy life.

We don’t need to be a great comedian in order to make others happy, through simple etiquette we can make others happy in our own ways. We don’t need to invest lots of money for it nor time spent for it. We just need to be the patron of small and simple things. As our single day can be divided into small unit of time, seconds and minutes, our day is comprised of a series of small things, and when all the small things of actions put together our single day is complete.

Spreading happiness should be our philosophy of our life. As it is said, there should not be a single day in your life not having helped someone. There should not be a single day in our life not having made someone happy. What a great thing it is to be a cause for someone’s happiness. Our simple gesture, a welcoming character, our warmth, a shake hand with someone, all these can trigger happiness on the face of the people.

There are people, with their psychological makeover sadist, injecting pain in others and seeing others unhappy these kind of people find happiness for themselves. We should be ‘happy-ist’ injecting delight and seeing others happy, we should find happiness for ourselves. We should always be remembered for being a cause for happiness in someone’s life.

Sense of humor and timely cracking of jokes, will help us a lot in our attempt in making others happy and there are people who are lavishly blessed with these gifts. Happiness can send the ripples of positive energy, eradicating the negativity and negative traits within us. We need not to be academically qualified nor a great intellectual to practice the virtue of spreading happiness.

Being a patron of making others happy, we shall be remembered always.

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  1. A smile can go miles. That could be a good start.