Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fortune told about likely to miss the route whereas misfortune told unlikely to miss the route

Basically, we Indians are superstitious irrespective of the religion we follow; whether it be Hinduism, Islam or Christianity, geographical area where we live in. I think superstition is something that is deep there in our blood. We strongly feel that if the fortunes that are about to happen in our life are told about to someone it is likely to miss the route, whereas the misfortunes that are about to hit us even if it is told about to thousands of people it is unlikely miss its route.

Whether it be fortune or misfortune that is about to happen in our life, the basis telling about it to people around is happening. But what I can’t comprehend is that in the case of both fortune and misfortune, telling about it to people who are close to us but one that wish to happen does not happen and the one we don’t wish to happen really happens. So telling about it to people is common for both fortune and misfortune.

We have seen people who keep their potential marriage alliance process a secret within their close circle being afraid of the fact that if more people come to know about the marriage alliance it is unlikely to happen. We tell people about the marriage only when it is finally fixed. It is the same case with interview calls we receive, at the initial stages of interview process we seldom tell about it many people, fearing that we would not get through the interview process.

Willfully, even if we go around telling the misfortune that is about to hit our life hard, still it happen with all probabilities. Therefore, telling about it, whether it be fortune or misfortune, is not the underlying problem whereas it is a matter between fortune and misfortune.

Fortune about to happen if shared with more number of people it does not happen basically because we don’t really want to see fortune happening in the life of others. Perhaps we might be sending the ripples of negative energy onto the fortunes, making it not happening in their life.

Even if the misfortune that is about to happen in our life is shared with a large number of people, people who wish misfortune happen in our life, with all positive energy for negativity and sending the ripples of positive energy onto misfortune, the misfortune is most likely to take place in our life. Of course, in the world there are both positive energy and negative energy. Positive energy stands for fortune and negative energy denoting misfortune.

I think, whether we don’t tell about the fortune about to happen in our life, there is no guarantee that by not telling about the fortune to people, the fortune will happen in our life. Same as by telling about the misfortune that is coming on our way, we can’t escape it. Whether it be fortune or misfortune, it is bound to happen in the fullness of time. Telling about it to other is no way helping it not to happen or not helping it not to happen. 

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