Friday, November 14, 2014

Let the judges abide by their own verdict

When a verdict is pronounced by a judge, being seated in the comfort and luxury of a well air-conditioned courtroom, he may not know the objective truth of the reality that is affecting a large section of society. In most of the cases, the judges are far alienated from the reality and never be able to connect to the people, who will be always in the receiving end of the catastrophe that is about to hit. In the light of the Mullaperiyar verdict pronounced by the judges, what I strongly feel is that the judges should set an example by abiding by their on verdict.

Based on the facts presented and studies undertaken, judges arrive at a conclusion on a case of public interest. Like a murder or sexual assault case, the Mullaperiyar dam disputed between the two states; Kerala and Tamil Nadu cannot be treated at all; it is a different genre of case altogether. In a murder or theft case, only a few individuals involved in the case are going to be affected with the veracity of the verdict proclaimed by the judge.

Apart from facts and results of the studies undertaken, so many other aspects like scientific approaches, geographical situations, climate changes, natural calamities about to hit, all the probabilities and above all the magnitude of people going to be affected, should be given predominant consideration while pronouncing a case of great public interest, like that of Mullaperiyar dam dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Beyond the facts and studies undertaken, the court should be able to foresee the likelihood of any kind of eventualities, which could prove the verdict pronounced an utter idiocy in the near future. 

With the great respect for the judicial system of the land and having strong faith it, we accept the verdict of court on Mullaperiyar Dam dispute. At this very juncture, along with the people of Kerala, I wholeheartedly invite the judges of Supreme Court, who made the verdict, to come, build a house, and live their retired life in and around the Mullaperiyar dam area. Thus, the judges can strongly validate their verdict and set a strong example that they don’t merely pronounce the verdict but they strongly abide by their own verdicts.

How many of the judges would take up our humble challenge and live the rest of their life beneath the ‘Judicially Strong Mullaperiyar Dam’? Hardly any of the judges would take up our challenge and come forward for that daring act. Based on the facts presented, any judge can come up with a verdict on public interest that is affecting the life and belongings of mass of people being seated in the luxury and comfort of an air-conditioned courtroom. When are the judges, who proclaim the verdict on public interest, going to get the real pulse of the situation and objectivity understand the ground realities before coming up with verdict. 

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