Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here is a question define Meenakshi, and if someone says that Meenakshi is one who has the eyes of a fish. Is the definition of Meenakshi complete? In this case the meaning of her name is explained not who Meenakshi is.

If you are asked to define Meenu; you might come up with the answer; Meenu is a cute girl. Can we say that what Meenu is, is defined?
No, Meenu is not defined (described). When you say that Meenu is a cute girl, what about her other attributes, her other attributes like: being smart; being intelligent; being sincere; being a good friend; loving; caring; and all those. So when you defined, Meenu is a cute girl, her entire being is reduced to cuteness (cute) alone, what about all other attributes?

In its absolute sense we can’t define anything. When we define a thing or person we reduce the thing or object into a particular attribute. What about its or his ability to be something else. A single definition can’t give a comprehensive meaning of anything. If at all, we can define anything a single definition can not do that job.

Have you ever thought that why do we have so many definitions to define a single thing or person. It’s because we can not have a single absolute definition which can encompass the entire essence of the thing or the person.

The question could be whether we can define a person, if at all we can’t define a person rather we can describe a person, with his qualities. So definition and description can be modes of giving awareness or knowledge about a thing or person. Definition and description are one and the same.

When we hear the very word definition or to define; we get the whole picture of a scholastic understanding of it. Defining does not mean we speaking out something verbally or writing down something on a piece of paper in a structured form. Defining is the process that happens inwardly and outwardly.

When we see a person or a thing we define or describe him or it mentally, and we get a mental picture rather an understanding about the person or the thing. Many a time our definition and description go wrong because we fail to encompass the entire essence of the thing or the person and we perceive the person or a thing in a particular perspective.

So let us define (describe) everything, incorporating all the attributes of what we try to define. Let us have a holistic definition rather than a definition which can’t define a person or thing in its truest sense. Defining is to give a holistic meaning not to reduce a thing or person as a single component rather to see its multiplicities.

Our ways of defining and describing shall give the highest meaning possible to the person or thing we define, not reducing or loosing its meaning what it is ought to be otherwise.

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  1. Ha ha :D We cant define any word or an attribute, but every word or a thing is unique and has its own nature, which can't be explained clearly.