Monday, September 20, 2010

Reduced to an object

A famous philosopher said once “The moment you look at me I am reduced to a mere object.” I become an object of you the subject, who perceive me. You look at me, define me and describe me and I am critically commended upon thus my subjectivity is challenged and lost. Many a time our subjectivity
is lost and we are being reduced to mere objects. We are being used as objects for the happiness and easy life and conveniences of others.

Every walk of life we are counted in terms of numbers, in a college and school scenario, there the students are addressed with the numbers not with their names. They see students as numbers, because each course and class requires minimum number of students to run. So what matters is the number of the students not the individuality.

In a hospital, they count the human beings as patients, patients from whom they can get money for the service they do.  In train we are passengers, in a country we are counted as citizens. In a reservation, we are numbers than human beings, it is particular number not the particular person or the individuality.

Often Girls are looked at as object of pleasure, the kind of dress they wear and their make ups, their particular pose and gesture all that make them objects of attraction and pleasure.

There are a set of people making use of friendship to fulfill their selfish needs, in all these cases friends are reduced as objects to meet the needs and once the needs are met no friendships and no friends.

In the love relationship, the guy throws the girl out, once he got, whatever he was looking for, even girls also do that, they reject the guy, after getting the all the pleasure and protection possible. Both the parties were using the other for their pleasure and happiness.

Prostitute is an object of pleasure, which could be purchased with money for a particular duration of time to satisfy the sexual needs of the men.

Thorough advertisements and movies the models and actors are made as objects of attraction, pleasure and happiness, wherein consumers or viewers would walk into a particular outlet or movie theaters and purchase a particular product or service or watch the particular movie. Through advertisement and movies, commercialization of human beings is happening, wherein human beings are purchased and sold out to run the business.

Human beings are not objects to be treated, human beings are not commodity that could be purchased neither in terms of good behaviors and good company nor with power and money, and once they are used they are thrown out to the direct of the street.

The moment we treat the other human beings to satisfy human desires and pleasure, their subjectivity is lost and we reduce them as mere objects to meet our needs and wants.    

We are paid for the work we do and the service we renter. But the human service and humanness which is intangible can not be bought with tangible goods and money, humanness is beyond all tangibility. Let us keep the individuality of human beings up without reducing anyone to an object to meet our needs.

Even without our prior knowledge we are perceived and reduced to the objects of pleasure and happiness. But God is the Ultimate Perceiver, who perceives everything without our knowledge, without letting lose our individuality, rather He strengthens our subjectivity adding more colour to us.              

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