Thursday, September 16, 2010


In our life journey, we have come across many number of people, who consider themselves as so great and very necessary beings, they think that if they were not there things would not happen. These kinds of people boast a lot about what they do and proclaim that others can’t do what they do. In order to happen something they think they should exist. According to me, I and you
are not necessary beings, we are accidents.  

We all are here because of a caused cause that caused cause is God Himself; rather our birth is due to His Higher intelligence. We are here not because we wanted to be, it was a free will of God.

Even if a vacuum is created in our absence, it will be automatically replaced by others. In the hierarchical and administrational levels, Catholic Church is the best example. In Catholic Church no vacuum of position is created, the moment Pope rests in peace, there is head of the cardinals to replace the vacuum created and take the things forwards.

So now the question is that if no one is indispensable what about  the great world leaders who has written the history and the plight if the entire world and what about India if Gandhi were not there and other

Gandhi might be kind of an avatar of emancipation. Even if Gandhi were not there, some one definitely would have replaced him, and there were equally qualified people, that is what history tells us. In Gandhi’s charisma, the other leaders became less significant as when sun shines the moon goes invisible.  

No one is indispensable but at the same time, everyone is unique. The uniqueness makes everyone different and add colour to the world. My absence can be replaced by others but my uniqueness that can’t be replaced; my uniqueness is my own property.

God alone is the only Necessary Being; Necessary Being that controls each pulse of the universe. Nobody else is a necessary being on this planet of earth. Even if we were not there on this planet of earth, things would move on as it is. With our presence we might be able to bring about only very little changes to the existing things. 

We are, we exist, not because we are necessary, not we have a metaphysical right to exist, but we are freely loved by God.

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