Friday, September 3, 2010

Interview a place where we sell ourselves

The education that we are getting is a mere skeleton, a skeleton without any flesh on it. We need to decorate this skeleton with flesh rather we need to colour our education with extra readings, home works and with our extra curricular activities. What we do by ourselves
with our own free will, will fetch its price when we take ourselves for interviews.

Education should be our passion. At least for a few of us, education is in a way a forced act, the particular course we have currently taken up may not be our choice. Many a time it is forced by a few factors, especially factors like social and economical pressure.

Once we have taken up the course the college, the department and the teachers teaching us would be forcing us to study. So our basic education remains forced rather than coming as our own need. It is a kind of tunnel experience wherein we take the pain to finish it and once we are out of it we are back to our old habits without letting much learning happened within us.

Well, I have been thinking that in our country not even 10% of the population is getting highly educated and see the huge number of unemployment, imagine if it were 50% of getting higher education, job hunting would be the toughest thing of the time and even now it is the same.

It’s said knowledge is wealth. Gone are the days when we used to get educated for the pure knowledge. Knowledge the wealth should help us to covert the knowledge into wealth the liquid money. Whatever education we take up, at the end of the day it should help us to earn our daily bread; it should help us to find a livelihood and it should give us a social and economical status.

The toughest thing that we face in our life is to find a job after our studies. When we are students we need not to be worried about anything and this is the most enjoyable time in life because everything is taken care of by our parents and if at all we have any burden, it should be the burden to study well.

Once we finish our studies and get into the real world it will be the real testing time. When we were students we always had the romantic dream of getting a good job. We won’t be getting the job that we aspired for; we will be attending interviews after interviews and still no job. Then people, who know us, would keep on asking us whether we got a job, we would be totally lost and frustrated and these moments would be the most embarrassing moments in our life.

Most of us won’t be really bothered about it while we are studying. We would be swimming with the current without taking much effort, for these easy going people the end will turn to be really costly. After the course if we think that  we could perform a little more better way, could score a little more marks, could do this and that, there is no use.  So now it is the time that we have in our hands, now on we need to think and start working towards not after having finished our course. The pity with us is that never ever we can think out of the box.

Interview is a place where we sell ourselves. In order to get sold in high price and value, we should keep ourselves polished and shining, it could be done with extra readings, home works and with our extra curricular activities while we are doing our course. When we take ourselves for interviews we should make ourselves fine tuned with the required qualities (qualifications). Interview is an open market where our talents and knowledge, acquired from education are sold and as remuneration we get placed in the particular company.

No company can survive without qualified personnel. As we are badly in need of a job after our studies, the companies are also badly in need of qualified personnel. So we need to have a meeting point of quality for both the candidates and company personnel. We as students our success is in meeting the qualities (qualifications) expected of us by the company. To that realization our whole process of education should lead us to…………………… 

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  1. no its not a place where we sell ourselves. its our talent and ability which is put to a test and we see ourselves put up in a work life of our interest.
    and yes, its in our college life that we become qualified.